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White Permanent Marker (X100)

SKU: X100
Ink Colour: White
  • • Valve-controlled marker for non-absorbent surfaces - e.g. rubber, glass etc

    • White China clay pigment ink 

    • Water-resistant

    • Rugged aluminium barrel with bonded fibre tip

    • Choice of tip styles for different applications:

    • X100W: Bullet point - 6.6mm tip give approx 3.3mm line width
    • X100W-L: Chisel tip gives variable line width from 5.5mm-6.5mm
    • X100W-M: Bullet point - 3.9mm tip gives approx 2.0mm line width
    • X100W-S: Bullet point - 2.0mm tip gives approcs 1.0mm line width (Includes 3x bonus nibs)


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