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Maxiflo Whiteboard Marker Bullet Point (MWL5)

Ink Colour
  • • Bullet point whiteboard marker

    • 2.1mm writing width

    • High quality, long lasting dry wipe marker

    • Unique pump action system to replenish ink supply if tip has dried out

    • Vivid pigment-based, water-resistant ink for white or porcelain boards

    • Remove with a dry cloth or board eraser

    • Made from 50% recycled material

    • Full-colour range available in two 4-piece wallets:

    • MWL5-4: Four-piece Maxiflo Marker (Black, Red, Blue and Green)
    • MWL5-4E: Four-piece Maxiflo Marker (Brown, Orange, Yellow and Violet) 

    •Available in a dual or quad marker eraser with six-layer replenishable eraser material for long life:

    • MWLB-2E: Two-piece Maxiflo Marker (Black, Red) and eraser
    • MWLC-2E: Two-piece Maxiflo Marker (Black, Blue) and eraser
    • YMWL5-4E: Four-piece Maxiflo Marker (Black, Red, Blue, Green) and eraser 
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